LCA has a broad array of opportunities for student and family involvement that contributes to the culture of our school and the welfare of the community. Students may be involved in drama, music, debate, athletics, and other clubs centered around specific interests — there’s literally something for everyone. As a small, close-knit school, we rely on the active participation of our parents as volunteers and liasions in the community at large.

Our Student Culture

All students at Lighthouse interact with one another on a daily basis. Our Kindergarten through Eighth grade have lunch and recess together daily, their overlapping history studies bring classes together, and school-wide events bring together the younger and the older students. We believe it's an opportunity for the older students to be role models and to give the younger students a look at "what's to come." 

There are many opportunities for students to work together to serve one another and the community at large during the school year. The students truly do feel a part of a family, and they encourage one another in a very Christ-like way.

parent life

Lighthouse Christian Academy relies on the involvement of its families to be the hands and feet of many of the activities and programs that the school offers. From hot lunch to classroom helpers to chaperones, our families are an integral part in the life of our school.

One of the ways that our parents get connected is through our Parent-Teacher Organization. The LCA PTO is the lifeblood of our special events, Teacher Appreciation, hot lunches, and more. 

Click here for our Family Handbook.

nut-sensitive environment

Lighthouse Christian Academy is a NUT-SENSITIVE SCHOOL. All nuts and nut byproducts are strongly discouraged. Parents, students, and staff are discouraged from bringing nut products to school or to any school event. Every precaution is taken in the attempt to keep all classrooms clear of all nut products and byproducts. All students and staff members take steps to keep hands, clothing, furniture, and any other item brought to school free of any nut residue, including peanut oil.

inclement weather

Lighthouse Christian Academy makes its own decisions for weather-related closings and delays; we do NOT follow Queen Anne's County for weather-related closings and delays. A closure or delay will be announced by 6:00 AM and will be posted on our Facebook page and distributed via e-mail. 

We also do NOT follow the county's fog delays but trust that our parents will use their best judgment to bring their students to school safely. Please also check our Facebook page for updates regarding weather-related closings. 

hot lunch

Families have the opportunity to reserve hot lunch for their children on a monthly basis by submitting the Hot Lunch Form to the office. Hot lunch is available most days. Lunch is served and eaten in our gymnasium, and students have the opportunity to sit together and fellowship during this time. Students are responsible for packing snacks and drinks to accompany the entree.

The Hot Lunch weekly schedule offer options such as the following: 

Monday --  Chicken tenders, spaghetti or sandwiches from Ledo Pizza of Kent Island

Tuesday -- Domino's pizza

Wednesday -- various selections from Cracker Barrel

Thursday -- Chick-Fil-A sandwich or nuggets

Friday -- burgers, fried chicken or tacos

annual history fAire

Classical education is centered on language and history, and students learn history chronologically.  The Classical education approach to history takes the twelve years of education and repeats a three-year pattern four times: Ancients, Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation, and Modern Times. At each stage of the Trivium, the students build on the knowledge they've acquired at the previous stage. Classical education presents history, and its intersection with all other subjects, systematically. 

In celebration of the history that our students are studying, each May, our students prepare presentations depicting the time period their classes have studied throughout the year. The festival includes recitations, songs, food, games, and more! All are welcome to come.

Kent Island Days 2014 featured some of our student presentations on stage in Stevensville.

daily devotions

Whether as a class or as an assembly, students take part in daily devotions. They pray for one another, they learn more about how to apply the truth of the Bible into their daily lives, they reflect on scripture, and they learn hymns of the faith. 

Students learn the habit of daily meditation on the Word and starting their day in prayer with the goal of developing an active prayer and devotional live as they grow older.  


Lighthouse offers competitive sports opportunities to assist with teaching  students how to perform under pressure, skills of following and skills of leadership, reliability, how to lose well and working together in a group.

We offer Girls Volleyball and Basketball.  All girls in grades 5-8 are eligible to join the team.