Academics at Lighthouse Christian Academy

Lighthouse Christian Academy provides an academically rigorous program in which students are encouraged to reach high levels of achievement. We believe that the Classical methodology provides the framework in which students learn optimally, because it complements the God-given natural development of the learning capacity of children as they grow and mature. Essentially, we are “teaching with the grain.” Classical education leads students to learn how to learn, so that no matter what challenge they face, they’ll know how to conquer it.

Classical Christian education weaves Scripture throughout each subject, and students at Lighthouse are trained to examine history, literature, math, and science all through the lens of a Biblical worldview. They enjoy daily devotions together, and they learn to apply the truth of God’s word to their lives. Lighthouse believes that habit formation, the tuning of hearts toward loving the good, true, and beautiful things, and giving students every opportunity to be part of the Great Conversation will lead to their flourishing so that they may become humble contributors to their community.

Junior Kindergarten

Our Junior Kindergarten program (students aged 4-5) provides a classroom environment that equips our students for the expectations of Kindergarten. Students develop social and spiritual habits while becoming confident in the rhythms of Lighthouse. The Junior Kindergarteners strengthen and refine their pencil grip, letter and number recognition, pre-reading consonant and vowel sounds, and more. Students enjoy circle time, centers, journal work, music and art, and they integrate with the rest of the school body during lunch each day. Our Junior Kindergarten students can attend 3- or 5-day classes.


The Kindergarten classroom at Lighthouse Christian Academy is a foundational year for students acquiring reading, writing, and math skills and for solidifying habits of learning. The days in Kindergarten are filled with poetry, Maryland history, science, and experiencing God’s word through memorization and dramatic portrayal of BIble stories. Field trips into God’s creation and our Eastern Shore community kindle the Kindergartener’s wonder and imagination.

Lower School (Grades 1-5)

Our lower school classrooms shape the hearts and minds of our students, and they learn history by diving into the stories of the world. Students are exposed to beautiful classic literature and stories that capture their imaginations. The practice of narration deepens their comprehension, writing, and recitation skills. In third grade, students begin their Latin instruction, which solidifies their understanding of and manipulation of language. Lighthouse uses Saxon Math, which provides a repetition and recall of new and previously learned math skills so that students continually recall math lessons. Gymnastics, performing arts, and visual arts instruction engage the students’ creativity and physicality.

Upper School (6-8+)

Our upper school students engage the tools for learning they acquired in the lower school and begin their rise to independence and logical thinking. Students begin classes in formal and informal logic, and debate and Mock Trial begins in seventh grade. Science classes explore earth, physical, and life science with hands-on applications that transport students into natural laboratories. Biblical studies engage students in church history and apologetics with the reading of C.S. Lewis and heroes of the faith. Our Latin students apply their vast experience with the language to read and translate classic texts, and literature and writing engages students with great books as they wrestle with crafting thoughtful and persuasive compositions and poetry.