School Profile

Lighthouse Christian Academy draws students from 75 families living in 4 counties and representing dozens of churches. Families choose LCA most often when

  • They're seeking to educate their children with a Christian influence.
  • They wish to be more involved in their children's education through the dynamic parental involvement offered at LCA.
  • They're seeking to avoid over-crowded classrooms and ever-changing, test-driven curricula.
  • They're committed to supporting teaching through a Biblical worldview that permeates the Classical curriculum.

Lighthouse Christian Academy was founded in 2001. 

We offer class sizes of 12 or fewer students, with a faculty/student ratio of 1:7.

Employing the Classical methodology, Lighthouse emphasizes the goal of giving students the educational tools to both learn and think for themselves, with wisdom as the ultimate goal.

Latin instruction begins in the 3rd grade. 

Homeschool students are welcome to enroll in single or multiple classes and electives, participate in field trips and athletics, and be cast in dramatic presentations.