Lighthouse Christian Academy provides an academically rigorous environment in which students are encouraged to reach high levels of achievement. We believe that the Classical methodology provides the framework in which students learn optimally, because it complements the God-given natural development of the learning capacity of children as they grow and mature. Essentially, we are "teaching with the grain." Classical education is based on the Trivium, which is an educational framework that leads students to learn how to learn, so that no matter what challenge they face, they'll know how to conquer it.

Our teachers undergo continuing education and training on a regular basis, and they employ excellent instructional methods to ensure that mastery learning takes place in the classroom. 

Classical Christian education weaves Scripture throughout each subject, and students at Lighthouse are trained to examine history, literature, math, and science all through the lens of a Biblical worldview. They enjoy daily devotions together, and they learn to apply the truth of God's word to their lives.